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Rheonik RHE15 Coriolis Transmitter

  • Provides PROFIBUS-DP connectivity to the RHE14 transmitter.
  • Optional 1 pulse input and up to 3 analogue inputs.
  • PROFIBUS communication up to 1.5Mb/second.

The RHE15 is an expansion module for the RHE14 transmitter to allow it to have PROFIBUS communication. It receives HART over RS232 communication from the RHE14 and then gives a PROFIBUS output.

Mounting and materials

It is DIN rail mounted and the housing is manufactured using a combination of polycarbonate and polyphenylene oxide.

Dimensions and weight

The enclosure has a protection class rating of IP20 and is 70x86x58mm, weighing 0.2kg.


There are extra inputs available such as an active TTL pulse inputs or 3 extra analogue 0/4-20 mA connections. An 8-26 VDC is required to power the device and the system uses 2.5W when operational.

Other features

  • DIN rail mounted housing made from polycarbonate and polyphenylene oxide.
  • Enclosure is protection class IP20.
  • Operates in a temperature window of -40°C to 65°C.
  • 0.2kg housing that is 70x86x58mm.
  • Optional pulse input of active TTL.
  • Optional up to 3 analogue connections.
  • Communication input is HART over RS232.

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