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Rheonik RHE21 Coriolis Transmitter

  • Measures mass, density, volume and temperature.
  • Colour changing display depending on measurement status.
  • Set can be password protected.

The RHE21 is an extreme application transmitter available with 316 stainless steel corrosion resistant housing. The enclosure is also IP66/NEMA7X as standard and can be changed to IP67.


A variety of units are available to measure mass flow, volume, density and temperature. There are ports for up to 2 digital controllable inputs and one analogue 4-20mA active input.

The display is a back lit LCD display that will change colour if the system believes there are faults with the measuring instruments. When installed, the set up and calibration of the RHE21 become password protected to prevent unwanted changes.

Output options

Output options include 2 analogue 4-20mA outputs that have a 0.1% uncertainty of the reading. Two digital status outputs and two pulse /frequency outputs are available.

The transmitter comes with ports for 2 digital inputs and for one 4-20 mA active analogue input. Communications are via MODBUS RTU and a USB connection to a PC with RHECom software.

Size and weight

Dimensions vary depending on construction time but are approximately 255x200x100mm. The weight of the transmitter is 8kg.

There is an integral sensor cable that can be either 3 or 10m long. An optional IS terminal is available for other length cables.

Other features

  • Measures mass flow, volume, density and temperature.
  • Stainless steel enclosure as standard. Corrosive resistant 316 stainless steel enclosure available.
  • IP66/NEMA7X standard protection class. There is an option for IP67.
  • Backlit LCD display displays colours depending on measurement accuracy.
  • Operates in ambient temperature of -40°C to 60°C.
  • Transmitter is 255x200x100mm and weighs 8kg.
  • Two analogue outputs of 4-20mA, two digital configurable status outputs and two pulse/frequency inputs.
  • Power supplies available are 100-240 VAC (48-62 Hz) which runs at 5W or 12-24 VDC which runs as 4 W.
  • MODBUS RTY (RS485) data digital communications and a USB connection to a PC running RHECom software.
  • Password Protected set up and calibration.
  • Works for all RHM mass flow meters
  • Mounted to either a wall or pipe bracket.

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