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Rheonik RHE26 Coriolis Transmitter

  • Configurable output types to measure mass, density, volume and temperature.
  • Modbus RTU connection to control systems.
  • Colour LCD display with lockable front protector.

The RHE26 is a multifunction transmitter that provides a variety of measurements. Mass flow, density, volumetric flow and temperature are all able to be measured and can be displayed with a choice of units.

Mounting and approvals

The transmitter can be mounted via a rack, panel or DIN rail. It is compatible with every RHM sensor and can be used in combination with a sensor that is in a hazardous zone. The RHE26 has ATEX/IECEx approval for use in ordinary locations.


Two pulse/frequency outputs are available as is an analogue 4-20mA output. A configurable digital input can be used for zeroing and measurement holding.

The back lit display gives a change of colour depending on the health of the flow meter and subsequent accuracy of the measurements. An optional, lockable cover can be used to protect the display. The lockable cover provides the front screen with IP54 protection but as standard the RHE26 is protection class IP20.


Digital data is communicated via Modbus RTU on RS485. Data can also be transmitted through a USB connection to a PC running Rheonik RHEcom software.

Other features

  • Measures Mass flow, Volumetric flow, temperature and density.
  • For volume and mass flow, positive, negative and net totalisers are used.
  • Ambient temperature range of between -20°C and 60°C.
  • Enclosure is protection class IP20 with the optional front cover this becomes IP54.
  • There is one 4-20mA analogue outputs and two configurable pulse/frequency outputs operating at a max of 10kHz.
  • Modbus RTU data communication used with a USB that can be used with RHEcom software on a PC.
  • 12-24VDC power supply needed with a power consumption of 4W.
  • Backlit LCD screen measuring 128x24mm with a colour changing display based on sensor health and measurement accuracy.
  • Transmitter has a pluggable cage clamp terminal strip with the sensor connector cables available can be up to 100m long.
  • The setup and calibration of the transmitter can be password protected.
  • Transmitter can be rack, panel or DIN rail mounted and can be connected to any RHM sensor.

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