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Rheonik RHM 06 Small Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Measures flow rate of between 0.1kg/min to 36kg/min
  • Withstands up to 1379 bar
  • Can operate between -196°C and 210°C fluid temperature


The RHM 06 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter combines accurate data flow measurement with a fast response time. Mass flow can be measured to 0.05% accuracy down to 100g/min. Repeatability is also 0.05% allowing for consistent measurements.

Pressure and temperature ranges

The wide fluid temperature range of between -196°C and 210°C and high pressure ratings of up to 1379 bar provides a large operating window to ensure usage on a variety of applications.

Materials and options

The RHM 06 is highly customisable with sealed and seal less designs available both of which can come with threaded or flanged connections.

The device comes with a standard 303 stainless steel enclosure with 316 stainless steel being an available option. A wide array of wetted materials are available such as 316l flow tubes, 316L manifolds and FKM, FFKM, FVMQ seals. Other wetted materials are available to deal with specific applications with the main applications for these meters being general flow control, additive dosing, and chemical injection.

The compact Torsion oscillator design allows for increased durability due to low stresses in the sensor as well as no moving parts. It is also insensitive to pipe pressure changes and resilient to external vibrations. Robust tube walls help to provide further safety while the flow meter is being used for abrasive applications.


The device has been approved for use on marine vessels by the American Bureau of Shipping and has Approvals Zone 0, 1, 2 from ATAX and IECEx. All devices have an accompanying calibration certificate and are hydro calibrated and tested.


  • Measures at a maximum 36kg/min and a minimum of 0.1kg/min
  • Fluid can be measured at temperatures of -196°C and 210°C
  • Accurate measurements up to 1379 bar
  • The sensor is operable in a temperature of between -50°C and 80°C
  • The enclosure can come as protection class IP 66/67, NEMA 4X but comes as IP66, NEMA 4 as standard
  • Weighs approximately 6kg with threads and 8kg with flanges
  • Provides reading updates at 4khz
  • Versions that include integrated or remote transmitters are available with terminal boxes being available in aluminium or ss316
  • Available in a single path configuration that handles 50% of the dual paths flow rates

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