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Rheonik RHM 08 Small Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Provides accurate measurements between 0.3 and 50 kg/min
  • Operates at temperatures between -196°C and 350°C
  • 0.10% mass flow uncertainty


Flow rates can be measured accurately from as low as 300g/min to 50kg/min with a low uncertainty of 0.10% with the RHM 08 small Coriolis meter from Rheonik. Repeatability is also low at 0.05% of reading which allows for consistent accuracy.

Pressure and temperature ranges

A great pressure rating of up to 1254 bar and a vast operational temperature range of between -196°C and 350°C means that the RHM08 is designed for extreme service.


The RHM08L has an array of applications such as high pressure gas dispensing, additive dosing and general flow control.

Materials and options

An excellent signal to noise ratio is achieved due to the Torsion oscillator design which ensures a stable measurement. This design also leads to greater durability thanks to no moving parts and low mechanical stress in the sensor.

The sensor is enclosed in stainless steel as standard but can be produced with 316 stainless steel as an option. Protection class IP65 is the standard enclosure type however further protection with IP66/NEMA 4X is optional. The standard terminal box is made from aluminium in an epoxy coating although this can be changed to 316 stainless steel if required.

The mass flow meter can be fitted with a variety of wetted materials such as Tantalum, HP160, SuperDuplex, Alloy C22 and 316Ti. PTFE is used as the seal material. Sensors are hydro tested and once calibrated come with a calibration certificate. Calibration services and testing are customisable to fit the application


The device is ATEX/IECEx certified for zone 0, 1, 2. There is also North American Approvals for Class I, Div. 1, groups ABCD. Usage on marine vessels has also been approved by American Bureau of Shipping.


  • Measures flow rate 0.3kg/min – 50kg/min.
  • Temperature range of -196°C to 350°C.
  • Maximum pressure of 1254 bar.
  • Stainless steel standard sensor enclosure with 316ss as optional.
  • Enclosure is IP65 protection as standard, IP66 and NEMA 4X are options.
  • Wetted materials are 316Ti, Tantalum, HP160, Superduplex, Alloy C22.
  • ATEX/IECEx certified for Zones 0,1,2 and North American Approvals for Class I, Div.1 and groups ABCD.
  • Single path devices have a flow rate of half the dual tube version.

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