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Rheonik RHM 80 Large Coriolis Flow Meter

  • Measures flow up to 8000kg/min.
  • Consistent precise measurements at 0.1% uncertainty.
  • Able to operate in fluid temperatures between -196°C and 350°C.

Temperature and pressure ranges

The RHM80 is a large size Coriolis mass flow sensor ideal for extreme applications. High pressure ratings of up to 341 bar and a wide fluid temperature range of -196°C to 350°C mean it can be used in applications such as asphalt, bitumen and filling railcars and ships.


Corrosive resistant pipes mean higher safety in abrasive application and the sensor has been ATEX/IECEx approved for use in zones 0, 1, 2. Standard protection class for enclosures is IP65 but the option for IP66/NEMA4X is possible.

Flow rate

Flow can be accurately measured between 200kg/min and 8000kg/min at an uncertainty of only 0.1%. With repeatability better than 0.05% it means measurements are consistent and density uncertainty is also low at 0.0025kg/l.


The sensor enclosure comes made from stainless steel as standard and the terminal box is aluminium coated in epoxy. Both the enclosure and terminal box can be produced from 316 stainless steel as an option.

A range of wetted materials are available for production but the standard materials used are Alloy C22, 316Ti.


  • Accurately measures flow between 200 and 8000kg/min
  • 0.1% mass flow uncertainty, 0.05% repeatability, 0.0025kg/l density uncertainty.
  • Fluid temperature range of -196°C to 350°C and a maximum pressure of 341 bar.
  • Humidity limit of between 5 to 95%.
  • Stainless steel sensor enclosure as standard with the option of 316 stainless steel.
  • Standard enclosures are protection class IP65 but can be IP66/NEMA4X.
  • Epoxy coated aluminium terminal box as standard but a 316 stainless steel is an option.
  • Wetted materials include 316Ti, Alloy C22 and SuperDuplex.
  • Approved for use in hazardous zones by North American approvals for Class I, Div. 1 and Groups ABCD. ATEX/IECEx approval has been given for zones 0, 1, 2.
  • Sensors are calibrated and then given a calibration certificate as well as being hydro-tested.

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