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Krohne Mass Flow Meter Optimass 7000

Krohne Mass Flow Meter Optimass 7000
  • The optimum meter for demanding applications
  • A single straight measuring tube
  • Choice of 4 tube materials

Krohne Optimass 7000 straight tube coriolis mass flow meter has an outer cylinder which allows for typical burst pressures greater than 100 barg with optional PED approved secondary pressure containment also available.

7000 series offers excellent zero stability and is resistant to installation and process effects.

Optiflux 7000 series offers excellent in class accuracy for liquids of ±0.1% of actual measured flow rate + zero stability.

Atex versions are also available for intrinsically safe applications.


  • Viscous or shear-sensitive products
  • Products requiring low flow velocities
  • Non-homogeneous mixtures
  • Products with entrained solids or gas
  • Custody transfer
  • Loading and product transfer measurement
  • Slurries
  • Highly corrosive fluids


Krohne Mass Flow Meter Optimass 7000

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