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Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter Optiflux 1000

  • Wafer mount electromagnetic flow meter
  • Economic mag meter
  • Quick and easy installation

The Krohne Optiflux 1000 electromagnetic flow meter is a wafer mounted flowmeter for mounting between flanges (sandwich design).

The design makes it lightweight and compact for space saving installations and at an affordable price.

It offers excellent chemical resistance and is able to make bi-directional flow measurements whilst offering no loss of pressure within your process.

The Optiflux 1000 series is insensitive to vibrations and has no moving parts so requires no maintenance.

Optiflux 1000 is available with a choice of converters offering different classes of accuracy up to 0.3% of the measured value.

Line sizes are available from DN10 up to DN150.

Atex versions are also available for intrinsically safe applications.


  • Mixing, batching and dosing systems, filtration systems, pump control
  • Water flow monitoring
  • Water circulation and treatment systems
  • Fire-fighting systems, foam mixing, control of sprinkler systems
  • Heat transfer and cooling systems
  • Water including raw water, process water, wastewater, salt water, heated and cooled water
  • Mud, slurry, sludge, manure


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