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Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter Optiflux 4000

Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter Optiflux 4000
  • Trusted and accepted flow sensor for all process applications
  • Large installed base – more than 300000 units installed
  • Proven in use and unsurpassed lifetime
  • Wide range of approvals for hazardous areas

Optiflux 4000 series is the process electromagnetic flow meter, with a proven installation base. Its all welded construction and high standard of build materials offers good corrosion, erosion and abrasion resistance.

A wide choice of housing and flange materials are available, including stainless steel, Duplex and 6mo.

The Optiflux 4000 series offer bi-directional flow measurement, has extensive on board diagnostic capabilities and every meter which leaves the factory is wet calibrated on-site and is fully traceable.

Optiflux 4000 is available with a choice of converters offering different classes of accuracy up to 0.2% of the measured value.

Line sizes are available from DN2.5 up to DN3000.

Atex versions are also available for intrinsically safe applications.


  • For clean liquids
  • For slurries and pastes with high solids content
  • For abrasive and aggressive products


Krohne Electromagnetic Flow Meter Optiflux 4000

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