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Elster BK-G16 Diaphragm Gas Meter

  • Compact diaphragm meter for domestic installation
  • Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane and inert gases
  • Flows from 0.016 m3/h to 3 m3/h

The Elster BK-G1.6 is a compact diaphragm gas meter for use with natural gas, town gas, propane, butane and inert gases. Ideally suited for domestic installation, the BK-G1.6 is a synthetic gas diaphragm meter allowing for a maximum flow rate of 2.5 m3/hr and a maximum operating pressure of 1 bar.

The synthetic diaphragm, moulded in stadium shape, and the measuring chambers used, ensure precise and stable measurement, including at minimum flow.
The diaphragm assembled and calibrated pneumatically, ensure a low load loss and minimum noise. The design, the materials and its components ensure the highest standard of quality of the device.

The gas source must always be installed on the left side or inlet side of the meter and is available with either a 110mm or 130mm distance between connection centres.
Connections available include G ¾”, G 1”, G 1 ¼”, DN20 and M26 x 1.5.


  • Domestic Gas Metering
  • Gas Industry

Other features

Compatible with the IN-Z61 Low Frequency pulse output

Elster BK-G1.6 Diaphragm Gas Meter Elster BK-G1G Family Diaphragm Gas Meter

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