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Our Gear Flow Meters which are also referred to as positive displacement flow meters are available for various different applications, generally for use with more viscous liquids.

Our JV series of gear meters offer high levels of accuracy which remains constant despite varying viscosity within your application. The JVHS series builds on this as the higher pressure rating of the gear meter means it can be used in applications where the maximum pressure may be up to 1035 bar. Whilst the SRZ series targets applications which use abrasive fluids or any polyurethanes, glues, sealing materials and polymers.

TM series offer a mini oval gear meter for lower flow applications with medium to high pressures. Ideal for use in additive injection service, industrial process, batching, fuel consumption systems and flow monitoring on critical applications.

We can offer many types of output signal, from a simple frequency or analogue output to various digital outputs. Contact us today to discuss your application in more detail and arrange a quotation.