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AW JV Series Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meter

AW JV Series Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters

The JV Series Gear meters are used in a variety of applications and with fluids of changing viscosities.

These meters are found where higher accuracy than a VA or turbine meter may be required.

JV series meters maintain consistent accuracy despite changing viscosity conditions, returning an accuracy of +0.5% of reading this metering technology is ideal for high pressure applications with solvents, greases, polyurethanes and particularly Skydrol.

The meters are available in three body materials: Aluminium, 303 and 316 stainless. The JV gear meters are suitable for applications of up to 350 bar even those requiring bidirectional functionality.

The JV meters have 6 different flow ranges, the smallest meter with a ¼” port measures as low as 0.01 lpm whilst the largest meter with 1 ¼” ports measures 455 lpm.

The data is captured through non-intrusive sensors which have a choice of frequency or analogue output options. Ideal for interfacing with a display, batch recorder or PLC the JV series are an affordable choice.

The JV series should be utilised in installations where the media is nonabrasive and the viscosity is greater than 30cP.

AW JV Series Positive Displacement Gear Flow Meters

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