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Supercal 5 I Multifunctional Thermal Energy Calculator

  • Upgraded from the previous Supercal 531.
  • Operating temperature of between 5 and 55°C.
  • Wide range of communication methods.

The Sontex Supercal 5 I succeeds the Supercal 531 as the next generation calculator ideal for system integration and as a heating/cooling meter. It features a new housing which allows for easier installation than the previous model as well as expanded data storage and a larger display.

Power and LCD display

It can be powered by either an internal battery or through the mains with mains power providing a backlight onto the LCD display. The display can show energy, volume, additional pulse inputs and temperature.

Applications and rating

Additional pulse inputs allow for hot/cold water meters to be connected with gas, oil, and electricity meters. This allows it to be integrated into wide heating networks and industrial processes. The Supercal 5 I has been given a rating of IP65 for use in certain areas.


Optional radio communication protocols that can be fitted include a bidirectional SONTEX radio, unidirectional wM-Bus communication or bidirectional LoRaWAN communication.

Data logger

The data logger that is fitted stores four historic registers of data that can allow the recording of energy, volume and input values with historical average values, peak values, and the event log.

A video introducing the Supercal 5 heat meter


The Supercal 5 I Multifunctional Thermal Energy Calculator is widely used in the following industries:

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