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Supercal 5 S Thermal Energy Meter

  • Temperature measurement between 1 and 200°C.
  • Upgrades from the previous Superstatic 440.
  • Range of communication methods.

The Sontex Supercal 5 S is an innovative thermal energy meter that replaces the previous generation Superstatic 440.

Common applications

It is ideal for use inside systems where a heating or cooling meter is needed and can be installed into wider district heating and industrial applications.

Power and connections

Only the measuring head needs to be removed and replaced which helps to reduce the cost and time lost during dismantling. A range of communication interfaces can be connected to the multifunctional calculator element.

It can be powered through either a battery or connected directly up to the mains. Mains power enables the LCD display to be backlit.

Three extra radio communication methods are available:

  • Sontex radio
  • wM-Bus
  • LoRaWAN

Temperature range

The approved temperature measurement range is between 1 and 200°C but there is an absolute range that goes down to -20°C. Environmental temperature during the operation should be between 5 and 55°C.

A video introducing the Supercal 5 heat meter


The Supercal 5 S Thermal Energy Meter is widely used in the following industries:

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