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Supercal 531 Energy Integrator

  • Heat calculator for heating or cooling energy or flow measurement.
  • Tariff and data logger functions
  • Many communication options

The Supercal 531 energy integrator has been designed with flexibility and future proofing in mind. It is available with either a 6 +1 or 11 + 1 battery module or choice of AC or DC mains power.

Every Supercal 531 has two open collector outputs as well as two pulse inputs for flow metering input as well as the integration of additional meters.
Supercal 531 can accept volume inputs with a frequency of up to 5 Hz (battery powered) or up to 12 kHz (mains powered). It can be combined with either mechanical, magnet-inductive, ultrasonic or oscillating flow sensors of up to qp 10000 m3/h.

Two or three wire Pt100 or Pt500 temperature sensors maybe connected into the energy integrator ensuring a high accuracy of measurement.

The large display on the Supercal 531 ensures for easy reading with many flow, temperature and energy values available through the display. The push button setup makes easy navigation of the main menu where accumulated, daily, monthly, average and maximum values may be seen. Display units available are:

EnergykWh, MWh, GJ, MJ, BTUVolumem3, GallonAdditional Pulse Inputsvolume or energyTemperature °C, °F or K

The Supercal 531 can also be calibrated for various makes glycol content in cooling systems making the reading accurate to the EN standard.


  • District heating networks
  • Heat cost allocation
  • Industry Installations
  • Most BMS Systems

Other features

Removable communication modules, two can be connected at any time

  • M-Bus interface according to EN1434 (fix or variable data structure)
  • 2 relay outputs
  • Up to 4 passive, freely programmable analogue outputs
  • Modem output
  • LON
  • RS-232

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