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Superstatic 789 Battery Powered Heat Meter

  • Battery Powered Compact Heat Meter
  • Heat and cooling meter, flow rates of 15 LPH to 3 m3/hr.
  • High-Tech Composite material which is lightweight and versatile.
  • Half the weight of existing products

The Superstatic 789 consists of a flow sensor, a calculator and a pair of temperature sensors. The compact heat meter Superstatic 789 is suitable for measurements of heating, cooling or combined heating/cooling energy in a wide range of applications, like residences, district or local heating or business & commercial buildings.

Thanks to many remote readout interfaces the Superstatic 789 easily fits in a building management system or in a smart metering environment.

The Superstatic 789 meets all the requirements and is homologated according to the European Measurement Instruments Directive MID-2004/22/EC module B and D and the standard EN 1434.

The Superstatic 789 is an autonomous compact thermal energy meter, it is designed on the basis of the proven fluid oscillation principle. Due to the use of a static flow sensor, the heat meter Superstatic 789 does not have any moving parts and thus no wear. it is suitable for flow rates from 0.015 m3/hr up to 3 m3/hr and is available with 3/4" connections.

Temperature ranges are from 5°C to +90°C so the Superstatic 789 can be used with a variety of heating and cooling applications as well as combined heating/cooling energy installations.

As standard every Superstatic 789 heat meter is MID approved and comes supplied with 5mm OD temperature sensors with 1.5 meter cable, optical interface (for programming) and a 6 + 1 year battery life with the option of a 12 + 1 year battery.

The Superstatic 789 is compact and lightweight and features a splitable integrator for flexible mounting and reading.

The large display on the Superstatic 789 ensures for easy reading with many flow, temperature and energy values available through the display. The push button setup makes easy navigation of the main menu where accumulated, daily, monthly, average and maximum values may be seen. Display units available are:

Energy kWh, MWh, GJ, MJVolumem3Temperature°C

The Superstatic 789 is IP68 rated.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

  • District heating networks
  • District cooling networks
  • Building Management Systems

Other features

The Superstatic 789 is suitable for all communication environments with an optical interface as standard and the option of:

  • Two Pulse Inputs
  • M-Bus, power supply over M-Bus line
  • Bi-directional radio – Radio Supercom
  • Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus -OMS compatible)

Pulse output, Open drain (MOS Transistor) 1 Hz, 500 ms
As an option the Supercal 789 offers the possibility to integrate beneficially up to two additional pulse inputs such as a hot and cold water meter.

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