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CS Instruments LD 450 - Leak detector

  • Meets the requirements of ASTM Int. E1002-05
  • Suitable for loud environments
  • 10 hour battery time

The LD 450 leak detector from CS instruments is ideal for spot detection of leaking compressed air, gas or vacuum systems.

The single battery powered, handheld device is able to detect the ultrasonic noise made from leaking fittings, loose screws or corroded pipe work. Small leaks cannot be heard by the human ear and larger leaks cannot be heard in loud environments.

The acoustic trumpet accessory which is the standard tool is ideal for detecting leaks at medium distances (0.2 – 6 meters). The laser integrated onto the acoustic trumpet allows for leaks to easily be pin pointed and marked.

The straightening tube accessory is for use to detect leaks at shorter distances (0 – 0.2 meters). This maybe required when there are many pipes or components which are close together.

The LD 450 also features a sound-proof headset for use in noisy and loud environments.

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  • Door seals

Other features

Operating frequency: 40 kHz ± 2 kHz
Laser: Wavelength 630…660 nm
Output power: < 1 mW (laser class 2)
Operating time: ˃10 h
Charging time: max. 4h
Operating temperature: -5 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C to +60 °C

Model numbers

  • 0601 0204. Complete LD 450 set consisting of:
  • 0560 0204. LD 450 leak detector for compressed air systems
  • 0554 0106. Transport case
  • 0554 0104. Sound-proof headset
  • 0530 0104. Focus tube with focus tup
  • 0554 0009. AC adapter
  • 0530 0109. Acoustic Trumpet
  • NOT included in the set
  • 0554 0103. Ultrasonic Transmitter


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