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Alicat Series - Liquid flow meters and controllers

Alicat L, Alicat LC and Alicat LCR series of liquid flow meters and controllers use the same differential pressure technology carried over from the gas mass flow meters and controllers to offer precise liquid flow measurement and control.

Ideally suited to lower flow applications as maximum full scale flow ranges are from 0.5 SCCM – 10 SLPM for flow metering models and 5 SCCM – 5 SLPM for flow controller models.

Features of every liquid flow meter and controller model

  • an analogue output for flow rate and RS-232 data communications, with every meter offering a local display and easy push button setup
  • a 50:1 turndown ration and offer excellent speed of response
  • 20 milliseconds for meters and 100 milliseconds for controllers
  • display liquid flow, liquid temperature and pressure

We can offer various different analogue input / output signals as well as many digital communications options.

Ask us about customising your liquid flow meter or controller to your application via the Contact Us page.

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