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Alicat LC Series Liquid Flow Controller

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable volumetric flow control
  • Flows from 0.5 CCM up to 500 CCM
  • 100-ms speed of response
  • ±2% of full scale accuracy
  • No warm-up time required

Rapid liquid flow control and dispensing

The Alicat LC Series liquid flow controllers use patented laminar flow design to provide a fast, accurate and repeatable volumetric flow measurement. Every device allows simultaneous display of the volumetric flow rate, line temperature and line pressure.

Like all Alicat devices there is no warm up time so the meter is ready to go in one second.

Full scale flow rates are from as little as 5 CCM up to 500 CCM with a meter turn down ratio of 50:1. Devices are available with a 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA analog output. RS 232 comms are standard with other options also available.

Custom orifice sizing enables us to tailor-select a valve to satisfy your application and performance requirements.

Accessible PID valve tuning for best speed and stability.

Easy to access front bleed ports for easy removal of trapped air.

Alicat LC Series - Video demonstration


  • Fluid dispensing using batch firmware.

Model numbers

  • LC-0.5CCM-D-PCA11
  • LC-1CCM-D-PCA12
  • LC-2CCM-D-PCA13
  • LC-5CCM-D
  • LC-10CCM-D
  • LC-20CCM-D
  • LC-50CCM-D
  • LC-100CCM-D
  • LC-200CCM-D
  • LC-500CCM-D


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