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Alicat Basis - OEM Gas Mass Flow Controller

  • Designed for integration within OEM products
  • Small footprint
  • High accuracy MEMS sensor
  • Fast control with 100 ms response
  • Up to a 200:1 turndown ratio

Cost effective flow control for OEM applications

The Alicat Basis OEM series has been designed for integration within original equipment manufacture (OEM) products. The integral sealed platinum MEMS sensor has been calibrated for use with multiple gases which include Air, Ar, CO2, N2, O2, and N2O all of which are selectable over RS-485 communications. Additional controllers are available for use with H2 and He which have been calibrated with the actual gas.

Basis series mass flow controllers have minimal warm up time and are ready to control at full accuracy in just 70 ms. Flow control itself is only 100 ms with full PD valve tuning available for improved process speed and stability.

100 SCCM controllers have a turndown ratio of 100:1 whilst 1000 SCCM and 20 SLPM controllers have a turndown ratio of 200:1. All are accurate to ±(1.5% Reading + 0.5% Full Scale) whilst offering ± 0.5% reading repeatability.


  • Gas analysers
  • Analytical
  • Automated gas mixing

Other features


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Alicat recalibration service

Alicat recalibration service

We provide a certified annual recalibration service on all Alicat mass flow meters and controllers. Further details on our recalibration service.