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Alicat BIO - Gas Mass Flow Controller for Bioprocessing

  • Extremely low zero drift ensures long term measurement stability
  • Resistance to process water contamination with a lifetime warranty
  • ASME recommended materials including 316L stainless steel and USP Class VI FDA-grade certified elastomers
  • Drive Display for monitoring of in-line process health and control performance
  • IP66 ingression protection option available

The Alicat BIO series: proven mass flow performance for bioprocess & bioreactor applications. These controllers have been designed specifically for professional engineers involved in bioreactor construction and upstream or downstream processes. They offer the highest reliability in the industry with an unprecedented lifetime warranty and resistance to in-line water contamination.

Gas Select feature enables exchange of CO2, Air, O2, N2 or over 100 other gasses without re-calibration or loss of accuracy to the mass flow controller.

Accurate to ± 0.6% of Reading, and with extremely low zero drift helps ensure long term measurement stability and certainty in your readings.

Bio series can be built with your preferred industrial protocols and Pharma 4.0 in mind, whilst offering a wide range of flow rates – from 1SCCM up to 5000SLPM.

Controllable flow ranges which exceed a 10,000:1 turn down ratio eliminate the need for multiple gas lines.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

A related article on the BIO-Series being used in the Biotech industry:

Other features

  • On-site calibration tools available – Never return a unit
  • Flexible process connections (SAE standard)
  • FDA-grade elastomers prevent contamination
  • Backflow tolerance with zero calibration drift
  • 316L stainless steel for durability and stability, with a lifetime warranty


The Alicat BIO - Gas Mass Flow Controller for Bioprocessing is widely used in the following industries:

Alicat recalibration service

Alicat Calibration and Service Centre

We provide a certified annual recalibration service on all Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. Further details on our recalibration service.


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