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Alicat MWB - Low Pressure Drop Portable Gas Mass Flow Meter

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  • Ultra-Low Pressure Drop Portable Mass Flow Meter
  • 98+ Preloaded Gases and Gas Mixtures
  • Up to ±0.6% of reading accuracy
  • Pressure drops as low as 0.07 PSID
  • No warm-up time, ready to go in 1 second

Measure flow with minimal system impact, anywhere you need it

Alicat MWB Whisper Series portable mass flow meters allows you to monitor your gas flow rate with minimum pressure drop in your process. Full scale flow rates are backed up by as little as 5 mbar pressure drop. All day flow measurement is achievable with up to 18 hours battery life via the USB chargeable battery pack.

Every MWB series comes preloaded with 98+ gases and gas mixtures, you can even add your own gas blends! The portable mass flow meter is repeatable and accurate with calibrations up to ±0.6% of reading accuracy.

Every device has a 10,000:1 turndown ratio with flow scale flow rates starting from 0.5 SCCM up to 1000 SLPM.

Backlit LCD display comes as standard, as well as RS-232 communications via the USB type B connection.

Every Alicat device is backed by the manufactures limited life time warranty and ships with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

MWB series portable flow meters have a full scale pressure of 60 PSIG and can be fitted with a flow totaliser

Key specifications

The data in the table below are standard configurations for models 10 sccm full scale through 100 slpm full scale. Please refer to the Mid-flow data sheet for full details.

Mass Flow Accuracy at Calibration Conditions1±0.75% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale, whichever is greater
High Accuracy Option1±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale, whichever is greater
Bidirectional Option1No additional uncertainties
Repeatability (2σ)±(0.1% of reading + 0.02% of full scale)
Flow Measurement Range0.01–100% of full scale
Temperature SensitivityMass flow zero shift: ±0.03% of full scale per °C from tare temperature
Mass flow span shift: ±0.01% of reading per °C from 25°C
Pressure SensitivityMass flow zero shift: ±0.01% of full scale per ATM from tare pressure
Mass flow span shift: ±0.1% of reading per atmosphere from calibration conditions
Operating Temperature Range−10–60°C (expanded range available)
Temperature Accuracy±0.75°C
Operating Pressure Full Scale60 PSIA (additional options available)/td>

1 - Stated accuracy is after tare under equilibrium conditions. Extreme gas behavior (especially near state boundaries) can introduce additional flow uncertainties.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

  • Flow Verification of a Gas Chromatograph
  • Calibration, Verification & Validation
  • Environmental

Other features

Alicat mass flow meters are incredibly durable; please be sure to watch this 'roof drop' video supplied by Alicat which tests how tough the flow meter really is:

Video demonstration - MB flow meter drop test

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Model numbers

  • MWB-0.5SCCM-D
  • MWB-10SCCM-D
  • MWB-20SCCM-D
  • MWB-50SCCM-D
  • MWB-100SCCM-D
  • MWB-200SCCM-D
  • MWB-500SCCM-D
  • MWB-10SLPM-D
  • MWB-20SLPM-D
  • MWB-40SLPM-D
  • MWB-50SLPM-D
  • MWB-100SLPM-D
  • MWB-250SLPM-D
  • MWB-500SLPM-D
  • MWB-1000SLPM-D

Alicat recalibration service

Alicat Calibration and Service Centre

We provide a certified annual recalibration service on all Alicat mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. Further details on our recalibration service.

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