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Alicat 9 Pin and 15 pin D-Sub Cable accessory

  • 9 Pin DB9 Alicat cable accessory
  • 15 Pin double ended Alicat cable accessory
  • Serial cables for Alicat

Alicat D-Sub double ended cables (female-female) are available for connecting PLC’s and other devices where the connection is Male D-sub. Complete with locking screws they are available in 9 pin configuration 3m long (part number 510199) and 15 pin configuration x 4.6m long (part number 510368).

Note that instruments with 9 pin D-sub connectors do not have the same pinout configuration as common serial cables. To connect correctly to computer serial ports an Alicat MD8DB9 8 pin mini DIN to serial adaptor cable should be used.

A longer 7.6m single ended 15 pin D-sub cable is also available (part number DBC-251) which comes with wire colours labelled to correspond with Alicats 15pin D-sub pinout options.

Model numbers

  • DB9-31 (3 ft, female-blunt cut)
  • DB9-61 (6 ft, female-blunt cut)
  • DB9-101 (10 ft, female-blunt cut)
  • DB9M-31 (3 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • DB9M-61 (6 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • DB9M-101 (10 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • 510199 (10 ft, female-female)
  • DBC-251 (25 ft, female-blunt cut)

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