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Alicat BB3-232 Accessory

  • Control and powers up to 3 Alicat instruments
  • Digital communication via single USB or serial cable
  • Instrument connection via 8-pin mini-DIN or 6-pin locking industrial connectors

BB3 breakout boxes are able to power and control up to 3 other Alicat flow and pressure instruments from a single power source and computer/PLC. Communication is via a 9-pin serial port and USB from the PC and features three 8 pin mini-DIN ports but can be also configured to have 6 pin locking industrial connectors.

The box can be mounted in any orientation thanks to 3/16” diameter mounting holes. Power can be provided by the terminal block on the front of the box or by connecting a PVPS24U to either the barrel-type power jack or at any point in the system as any connected power in the system is distributed to all devices. The PVPS24U power supply cable is not included with the BB3.

What's included in the kit?

Included with the full kit option is the BB3 device, three 6 foot connectors to the other Alicats depending which communication method has been specified and a universal power supply.

Model numbers

  • BB3-232
  • BB3-I-232
  • BB3-232-KIT
  • BB3-I-232-KIT

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