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Alicat BB9-232 accessory

Alicat BB9 accessory USB Multi-Drop Alicat BB9 accessory RS-232 Multi-Drop Alicat BB9-I accessory RS-232 Multi-Drop

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  • BB9 multi-drop breakout box for connecting Alicat devices
  • Available with USB and RS-232 Interface
  • Available with standard mini-din connection

The Alicat BB9 multi-drop breakout box allows for connecting multiple Alicat flow, pressure or liquid devices to a single computer or programmable logic controller (PLC) quick and easy.

Every BB9 can connect up to nine Alicat devices on one connection or if you prefer BB9’s can be daisy chained together to allow for a total network of up to 26 devices.

Standard BB9’s ship with the 8 pin min-DIN connectors which are identical to the connector found on top of your Alicat device.

All BB9 models feature a common power bus, so power supplied to the BB9 will also power the devices it is controlling.

BB9’s are available with a USB 2.0, DB9 and direct cable RS-232 data connection.

Powering the BB9 can be carried out directly via terminal block power connection (DC only, max 16 amps) or via the barrel-type power jack (max 1.5 amps).

Other features

What's in the box?

  • RS-232 BB9 multi-drop breakout box with 9 jacks for 8-pin mini-DIN connection to Alicat devices
  • USB A to B cable (male-male) for connection to a standard female USB 2.0 port
  • 9-pin D-sub serial cable (female-female) for connection to a standard RS-232 serial port
  • Operating manual
  • Read our article about the Flow Vision SC software

Model numbers

  • BB9-232