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Alicat BB9-I-accessory

BB9 industrial connector breakout box accessory
  • BB9-I multi-drop breakout box
  • RS-232 Interface
  • Locking ‘Industrial’ connection

The Alicat original BB9-I multi-drop breakout box allows a communication and power connection between your flow, pressure and liquid devices and a computer or Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

Up to nine Alicat devices can be connected to each box or up to 26 devices can be networked together by daisy chaining BB9-I boxes together.

The communication and power signal is carried to the connected devices by using double ended 6 pin locking industrial DIN cables (IC Series). Power is provided either by a connection to the BB9 via the terminal block on the front (DC voltage only, max 9 amps), or the Alicat PS24VHC high current power supply (24 Vdc, 6.5-amp), or connecting the PVPS24U (Max 2 amps) power supply to one of your connected Alicat devices.

The connection to a computer or PLC can be achieved by either using the included RS-232 9 pin serial cable (9 pin D-sub) or via the terminal block using the transmit and receive sockets.

Other features

What's in the box?

  • RS-232 BB9-I multi-drop breakout box with 9 jacks for 6-pin locking Industrial DIN (IC Series) connection to Alicat devices
  • 9-pin D-sub serial cable (female-female) for connection to a standard RS-232 serial port
  • Operating manual

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Model numbers

  • BB9-I-232
BB9 industrial connector breakout box accessory

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