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Alicat IC Series 6-Pin Locking Industrial DIN Cable accessory

  • 6 Pin IC Alicat locking industrial cable for harsh environments
  • Single ended version
  • Double ended version

If a more secure connection to your Alicat device is needed, then the Alicat IC Series 6 pin locking industrial DIN cable is the answer.

Available as a male connection in either single or double ended variations the cable utilises a twist to lock collar for secure connection between your Alicat flow meter or controller and the BB9-I multidrop breakout box.

The single ended cables are available in a variety of lengths and have wire colours labelled for our 6 pin Industrial pinout.

Alicat IC Series Wire Colors

  • Black – ground
  • Brown – primary DC voltage or 4-20 mA current analog output
  • Red – DC power input
  • Green – setpoint input or remote tare (via grounding)
  • Blue – RS-232 digital serial output
  • White – RS-232 digital serial inputPart Number: ISC10

For connection with the ISC sensor connector on the EXTSEN pressure units with external pressure sensor capability, the ISC10 is similar to the IC10 and is a 6 pin locking industrial DIN cable. It is only available in one length 3.0m.

It has the following IC wire colours:

  • Black – ground/common
  • Red – DC power input for external sensor
  • Green – sensor signal input
  • Brown, Blue, White – not used

Model numbers

  • IC10 (10 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • IC20 (20 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • IC50 (50 ft, male-blunt cut)
  • IC102 (10 ft, male-male)
  • IC202 (20 ft, male-male
  • IC502 (50 ft, male-male)

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