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Alicat Local SetPoint Module accessory

Alicat local setpoint module

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  • Local monitoring and adjustment of setpoint
  • Tracking Indicator
  • Bright display

The Local SetPoint Module (LSPM) provides an easy method to monitor and adjust the setpoint on most of the Alicat mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. It uses a control knob to enable adjustment of the setpoint signal and the large variable brightness digital LED display. Below this knob there is a tracking indicator which displays red if the actual flow rate or pressure is outside of the commanded setpoint by 2%. Both values may be toggled using the display mode button.

The module features a top and bottom female 8 pin mini DIN connection allowing a connected controller to pass all analogue, digital and power signals through the module to the other connector. This allows the power to be supplied to either the LSPM or the controller and passed to another device. Includes a 1.8m double ended mini DIN cable for connection and integrated 1/8” diameter mounting holes.

Ordering Information:
The operating range of the LSPM must be designated at the time of order using the adder code RANGE: x (where x is the full-scale range of its paired controller).

Most Alicat flow meters and pressure controllers are backward compatible with a Local SetPoint Module. However, for new orders the functionality is best achieved with the Integrated Potentiometer Control (IPC) option for controllers.

Other features

In the Box:

  • Local SetPoint Module
  • DC-62 double-ended 8-pin mini-DIN cable
  • LSPM operating manual