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Alicat MD8DB9 Cable accessory

Alicat MD8DB9 mini DIN to serial cable
  • Cable to connect most Alicat devices to PC
  • Mini Din to serial cable 1.8m long
  • Allows connection to Flow Vision software

Using our MD8DB9 8 pin mini DIN to serial adaptor cable allows connection between a single device to a serial port on a computer.

Available in 1.8m lengths it directly converts the ground, transmit and receive signals from the 8 pin mini DIN which is standard on most units to the corresponding pins on the computers 9 pin D-sub serial port.

If multiple device connection is required to a single computer serial port the BB9 multi drop breakout box would be applicable.

If multiple devices need connecting to a single USB port then the Alicat BB9-USB multi drop breakout box would be used.

Model numbers

  • MD8DB9 8-pin (M) to DB9(F), 6 ft
Alicat MD8DB9 mini DIN to serial cable

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