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Alicat PS24VHC High Current Power Supply accessory, 24v

  • High Current Power Supply
  • 24Vdc at 6.5amps
  • Permanant installation for multiple Alicat devices

If the total current output of your instruments cannot be met by the PVPS24U then the PS24VHC would be an alternative power supply.

It accepts 100-120Vac and 200-240Vac at 50-60Hz and delivers an output of 24Vdc at 6.5amps.

It is well suited to where there is a permanent Alicat installation of several devices.

It is typically paired with Alicat's BB9 or BB9-I accessory used for connecting multiple devices together.

BB9 allows up to 9 Alicat devices to be connected together, it is available with either RS232 or RS485 comms.
BB9-I offers industrial locking connectors should your application require this.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

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