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Alicat PVPS24U Universal Power Supply accessory

  • Fits UK, EU and US power sockets
  • Universal Power Supply
  • 24Vdc at 1 amp

All Alicat devices can be powered through their standard 8 pin mini DIN or other configured connectors but when an independent supply is needed our Alicat PVPS24U can be used.

A variable power supply accepts 100-240 Vac at 50-60Hz and delivers 24Vdc at 1.0amp. Complete with 4 interchangeable prong configurations to suit most power outlets around the world, the barrel type connector is compatible with the meter, controller and BB9-USB multi drop breakout box.

A single power supply can provide power for up to 25 meters or 4 non Rolamite controllers, when daisy chained together.

Other features

  • Maximum output of 1.0 amp (1000 mA)
  • The stand by input power shall be less than 0.3W with zero load condition

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