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Alicat Remote Display

  • Monochrome or colour TFT remote display for Alicat devices
  • Connection upto 12ft away
  • Ideal for permanent or OEM integration

If you are using an Alicat mass flow meter or controller in a permanent installation or as part of OEM equipment then you may prefer to have your display in a remote location.

Supplied in a bezel the monochrome LCD’s (-RD) or backlit color TFT’s (-TFTRD) display has four 4mm (5/32″) diameter holes for mounting. Connection to the meter or controller unit is by a shielded ribbon cable which can be specified up to 3.66m (12 feet) long. This allows great flexibility in incorporating an Alicat product into your system design.

This option is available on most of the Alicat meters, gauges and controllers, with the exception of dual-valve pressure controllers and ATEX- and CSA-rated units.

The bezel dimensions are: 7.6 x 10.1 x 0.3 cm with the hole spacing 6.3 cm horizontal and 8.9 cm vertical

Model numbers

  • -RD
  • -TFTRD
  • -RDE

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