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Alicat Remote Electronics

  • Remote electronics for use with non standard operating temperatures
  • Ideal for limited space applications
  • For Alicat non liquid devices

If your application involves temperatures outside the normal operating range of your Alicat device then using remote electronics could be the answer. With the flow body only having the required sensors on board the flow data is sent to the remote microprocessor electronics which can be sited upto 1.8m (6 feet) away.

The flow body can now be located in environments operating in ambient temperatures as high as 85° Celsius with gas temperatures under 100°Celsius. We would however recommend the custom gauge calibration at a gas temperature of up to 70°Celsius. This will reduce zero shift errors that occur when actual gas flow temperatures deviate substantially from the gas calibration temperature.

This option could also be used where there is limited space at the installation area.

Not available for liquid devices.

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