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Alicat USB-RS232 Converter accessory

USB to RS232 converter
  • Allows connection of Alicat devices to USB
  • No power required
  • For use with Alicat MD8DB9 cable

If you need to connect your Alicat flow meter or controller to a PC USB connection then this can be achieved using our USB-RS232 converter with the MD8DB9 cable accessory. The accessory can be used with any Alicat device within the range which has a DB9 connection

The MD8DB9 cable allows the 8 pin min din connector on top of any Alicat device to be connected to a serial DB9 connector. If your PC does not have a serial port then the USB accessory will be ideal.

There is no requirement for any separate power source.

For connecting multiple devices to a single computer USB port, please see our BB9-USB multi drop breakout box. Contact us today to discuss your application in more detail.


  • Any where you have an Alicat device and serial cable but need a USB connection

Other features

  • Available from stock

Model numbers

  • USB-DB9-232 9-pin (F) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-DB9-485 9-pin (F) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-DB15-232 15-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-DB15-485 15-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-DB15HD-232 15-pin (M) to USB,6 ft.
  • USB-DB15HD-485 15-pin (M) to USB,6 ft.
  • USB-IC-232 6-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-IC-485 6-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-MD8-232 8-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
  • USB-MD8-485 8-pin (M) to USB, 6 ft.
USB to RS232 converter

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