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Swagelok Compression Fittings

  • Compression fittings for your Alicat devices
  • Stainless Steel
  • Available in a variety of sizes

A variety of Swagelok compression fittings may be supplied for use with your Alicat flow or pressure products. All compression fittings are in stainless steel and are available in the following sizes.
#10-32 process connections:
1/8" OD tube: SS-200-1-0157
1/4" OD tube: SS-400-1-0256

Swagelok Compression Fittings 1/8" NPT process connection 1/4" NPT process connection 1/2" NPT process connection 3/4" NPT process connection
1/8" OD tube SS-200-1-2 SS-200-1-4 SS-200-1-8
1/4" OD tube SS-400-1-2 SS-400-1-4 SS-400-1-8 SS-400-1-12
3/8" OD tube SS-600-1-2 SS-600-1-4 SS-600-1-8
1/2" OD tube SS-810-1-2 SS-810-1-4 SS-810-1-8 SS-810-1-12
3/4" OD tube SS-1210-1-8 SS-1210-1-12
3mm OD tube SS-3M0-1-2 SS-3M0-1-4
4mm OD tube SS-4M0-1-2 SS-4M0-1-4
6mm OD tube SS-6M0-1-2 SS-6M0-1-4 SS-6M0-1-8
8mm OD tube SS-8M0-1-2 SS-8M0-1-4 SS-8M0-1-8
12mm OD tube SS-12M0-1-2 SS-12M0-1-4 SS-12M0-1-8 SS-12M0-1-12
16mm OD tube SS-16M0-1-8 SS-16M0-1-12

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