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Blue-White F-1000 Digital Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

  • Wide flow rate available up to 27000 LPM
  • Operates at a maximum of 20.7 bar
  • Low levels of pressure drop between 0 and 8 psi

The F-1000 is a digital paddlewheel flow meter that has a wide flow range with minimal pressure drop. Flow rates can go from 1 LPM to 27,000 LPM depending on what model is selected.

Pressure drop is extremely low with none present on the saddle mount fittings increasing slightly up to 8 psi for the PVC and moulded fittings models, dependant on line size.

Operating pressure and temperature

A maximum operating pressure of 20.7 bar enables the F-1000 to be used in a variety of applications as well as a maximum fluid temperature of 93.3°C for Polypropylene Tees and PVDF saddles. The ambient temperature can vary between -10°C and 43°C.

Precise measurements are given by an accuracy of ±2% of the devices full scale. An easy-to-read LCD display can display 6 digits and up to 4 decimal places. A range of pipe sizes are available from 3/8" up to 2" and requires 2 AAA batteries to power it both of which come included.

Available fittings

Three fittings are available being moulded in-line, Saddle mount and Tee pipe fittings. Saddle materials can be either PVDF or PVC depending on size with the sensor O-ring seals coming as standard from Viton with the option of EP. The enclosure is manufactured from ABS and is NEMA 4X (IP56).

Key specifications

Flow range.4 - 8000 GPM, 1 - 27000 LPM
Pressures300 PSI (20.7 bar)
Pressure drop0 - 8 PSI (varies per model)
Full scale accuracy+/- 2%
Power supplyBattery operated
Warranty1 year manufacturers warranty

Model numbers

  • RB
  • RT
  • TB

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