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Blue-White F-2000 Digital Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

  • Wide measurement range of 1 to 27,000 LPM
  • Accurate and reliable measurements at ±1% of full-scale accuracy
  • Operating pressure up to 20 bar

The F-2000 digital paddlewheel flow meter is a durable paddle wheel flow meter designed for reliable and accurate measurement. Flow rate can be measured to ±1% of full scale down to 1 LPM and up to 27000 LPM.

Pressure drop from the sensor is at maximum 8psi with some models having a 0psi drop. A wide array of pipe sizes are available from 3/8" to 12".

Operating pressures and temperatures

F-2000 has a maximum working pressure of 20 bar (300psi) and maximum temperatures of 93°C with PVDF saddles and PP moulded fittings. When the F-2000 has PVC saddles and PVC tee fittings, it can operate at a maximum temperature of 60°C.

Body materials

A 15-24 VDC power supply powers the meter but with RT models it is powered by 4 AA batteries. Output is 4-20mA with an AO option. The body is constructed from PVC and PVDF and the enclosure is NEMA 4X.

Key specifications

Flow range.4 - 8000 GPM, 1 - 27000 LPM
Pressures300 PSI (20 bar)
Pressure drop0 - 8 PSI (varies per model)
Full scale accuracy+/- 1%
Power supply15-24 VDC 115V/230V60z, 220V/50Hz Battery operated
Warranty1 year manufacturers warranty

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