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King Instruments 7100 Series Rotameter

  • All 316L Stainless Steel constructions
  • Suitable for Low Flow, High Pressure Applications
  • For liquids and gases

The King 7100 series Rotameter is ideally suited to low flow, high pressure applications. The flow meter features a 316L stainless steel metering tube, with 316L SS or Hastelloy® C-276 internal wetted components. O-Ring options include EPR, Buna N and Kalrez®.

Available with a ¼” FNPT connection the flow-meter has a full scale flow range from 2.4 to 95 litres per hour for liquids and full scale flow rates of 28 to 3400 standard litres per hour for gases.

Accuracy is ± 5% of full scale flow, repeatability is 1% and all meters feature a 10:1 turndown ratio.

Maximum temperatures vary dependant on O-Ring material, meters with a valve offer a pressure rating of 103 bar compared to 275 bar for those without.

Alarm options are available, we can offer flow scales in any volumetric unit.

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Data sheets and manuals

Model numbers

  • K.7101023006W
  • K.7101023008W
  • K.7101033004W
  • K.7101043005A
  • K.7101043011A
  • K.7101063003A
  • K.7101063005A
  • k.7101063006W
  • K.7101063011A
  • K.7101332010W
  • K.7101341005A
  • K.7101351000A
  • K.7101351A01A
  • K.7102454001A
  • K.7102454003A
  • K.710E033010A


The King Instruments 7100 Series Rotameter is widely used in the following industries:

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