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King Instruments 7200 Series Rotameter

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  • Great value general purpose rotameter
  • Suitable for vertical installations
  • For liquids and gases

The King 7200 Series rotameter is a perfect choice for general purpose flow applications, offering a 5” scale.

The metering tube is machined cast acrylic and the internal wetted materials are 316L stainless steel. The meter is available from 3/8” NPTF connections up to 2” NPTF with the standard fitting material being PVC with the option of 316 stainless steel, brass or aluminium.

EPR is the standard O-Ring with Buna N and Viton also available.

Most models offer an excellent 10:1 turndown ratio with water full scale flow rates from as little as 4 LPM up to 750 LPM, air models are available with 4 to 245 SCFM full scale flow rates.

Water models offer a maximum pressure rating of 10 bar and air models are rated to 6.9 bar. Maximum temperatures are to 52° C.

Accuracy varies by model but this is within a ± 3% to ± 6% of full scale flow tolerance.

Scales are available in any volumetric unit on this flow meter.

Model numbers

  • K.7205005133W
  • K.7205005211A
  • K.7205005221W
  • K.7205006123W
  • K.7205007211A
  • K.7205007231W
  • K.7205007321W
  • K.7205015131W
  • K.7205016121W
  • K.7205016132W
  • k.7205017111A
  • K.7205017121A
  • K.7205017121W
  • K.7205017123W
  • K.7205017131W
  • k.7205017161A
  • K.7205018111A
  • K.7205018131W
  • K.7205020111W
  • K.7205021111W
  • K.7205021131W
  • K.7205022121W
  • K.7205023111A
  • K.7205023121W
  • K.7205024121W
  • K.7205024131W
  • K.7205025131W
  • K.7205026131W
  • K.7205028131W


The King Instruments 7200 Series Rotameter is widely used in the following industries:

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