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King Instruments 7430 Series Rotameter

  • Low flow borosilicate glass tube rotameter
  • All stainless steel frame
  • Panel mountable
  • Optional control valve and alarm output

The King 7430 series rotameter offers a Borosilicate Kinglass metering tube and stainless steel enclosure and is suited to low flow applications.

Internal components vary dependant on flow rate and may include 316L stainless steel, black glass, sapphire, Carboloy or tantalum. Connections are available in either 1/8” or ¼” FNPT with the option of 316L Stainless Steel, PVC, PVDF or Hastelloy®.

The 7430 series flow meter is available with either a 65mm or 150mm scale and is suitable for both liquids and gases. A control valve is optional on either the flow inlet or outlet and is available in 316L stainless steel, PVC, PVDF or Hastelloy®.
All models have a 10:1 turndown ratio with 1% repeatability, accuracy varies by model but this is within a ± 4% (for 150mm scaled version) to ± 6% (for 65mm scaled version) of full scale.

Maximum temperatures are available up to 93° C for liquids and 121° C for gases, with pressures available up to 13.7 bar.

Liquid models are available with full scale flows from 0.6 CC/Min to 1750 CC/Min (0.042 litres per hour to 110 LPH).

Gas models are available with full scale flows from 66 CC/Min to 70000 CC/Min (4 litres per hour to 4200 LPH).

Scales are available in any volumetric unit and optional alarm switches which include a Fiber-Optic NPN or PNP (Proximity) or inductive ring sensor (Proximity or Latching).

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Model numbers

  • K.74C102G021223810
  • K.74C103G022123810
  • K.74C123G081223530
  • K.74C123G081223810
  • K.74C123G081223910
  • K.74C123G081223930
  • K.74C123G081311810
  • K.74C123G081321410
  • K.74C123G081321810
  • K.74C123G081323210
  • K.74C123G081323510
  • K.74C123G081523810
  • K.74C127G102321810
  • K.74C214G021223830
  • K.74C214G021325810
  • K.74C217G022321411
  • K.74C217G022321711
  • K.74C217G022321810
  • K.74C217G022423120
  • K.74C217G022521510
  • K.74C232G042123310
  • K.74C232G042123810
  • K.74C232G042131840
  • K.74C232G042331830
  • K.74C232G042421830
  • K.74C234G041123210
  • K.74C234G041133240
  • K.74C234G041321830
  • K.74C234G041333540
  • K.74C234G041421630
  • K.74C234G041421830
  • K.74C234G041521830
  • K.74C234G041523810
  • K.74C234G041533840


The King Instruments 7430 Series Rotameter is widely used in the following industries:

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