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King Instruments 7720 Series Rotameter

  • Unique, All PVC flowmeter, Type 1, Grade 1
  • C-276 Hastelloy® Internals
  • All 316L Stainless Steel Construction
  • Flow transmitter and flow switch option

The King 7720 series variable area flow meter offers excellent chemical resistance due to its type 1, grade 1 PVC metering tube and fitting material.

Fittings are available with NPT connections or direct flange mount for vertical connections. NPT connections are available from ½” to 2” with 3” and 4” meters being offered with flanged connections.

Internal components are C-276 Hastelloy®.

O-Rings are available in EPR, Buna-N, Viton® or Kalrez®.

The 7720 series has a 120mm detachable direct rading scale.

All models have a 10:1 turndown with repeatability at 1% and accuracy of ± 3% of full scale flow.

Maximum temperatures are available up to 54°C with maximum operating pressures available up to 10 bar.

Liquid models are available with full scale flows from 2 litres per minute to 1700 LPM, with scales available in any volumetric unit.

Single or dual inductive slot sensor (NAMUR) alarm outputs are also available.

A 4 – 20 mA flow transmitter option is available as well.

Data sheets and manuals

Model numbers

  • K.7721420722
  • K.7722410726
  • K.7722410728
  • K.7722410730
  • K.7722420730
  • K.772242T726
  • K.772242T736
  • K.7722430726
  • K.7722430728
  • K.7722430730


The King Instruments 7720 Series Rotameter is widely used in the following industries:


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