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HydraPro Water Flow Pressure Test Kit

  • Up to 15 Bar Operating Pressure
  • Flows up to 100 lpm
  • Domestic and industrial water testing
  • No electrical input required

The WFPT water flow and pressure test kit features a Lake Monitors Clearview flowmeter and a PVC ball valve and pressure gauge.

System flow can be recorded with the valve open and system pressure can be recorded with the valve closed. This product is ideally suited for testing a domestic water system delivery.

This is a purely flow orientated product and no electrical input is required.

Very simple to use the operator simply connects the WFPT to a tee in the line with standard quick release connectors or hose with the supplied hose barb. Available with water calibration certifcates where required.

Connection options are either ¾” or 1” depending on configuration. Flow ranges between 2-20, 4-40,5-50 and 100-110 LPM are available.


Common process applications and industrial uses include:

  • Domestic Water Testing

Other features

  • Oil calibrated flow meters are also available for low pressure hydraulic systems such as return line applications
  • Read an article we put together especially for the HydraPro Flow Pressure Test Kit


The HydraPro Water Flow Pressure Test Kit is widely used in the following industries:

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