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Power Supply and Readout Box LTI 1000


  • Takes mains power and steps it down to that required by the MFM/MFC
  • Provides a set-point to an analog Mass Flow Controller
  • Provides a large display window giving 4 digits using 7 segments
  • Can interface via RS-232 with the LTI-1000 software
  • Relay alarm contact


  • Mains Input power of 220VAC (50-60Hz).
  • Output power of ±15VDC@500mA or ±24VDC.
  • The display gives 4 digits using 7 segments.
  • Engineering Units displayed are SCCM, SLPM and % with a repeatability of ±0.1% of full scale.
  • Output signals are 0-5VDC or 4-20mA.
  • Communication to laptop is available over RS232.
  • Electrical connection to MFM/MFC cable is via D-SUB 9PIN (Male).
  • Flow on/off is available via a Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL) signal.
  • Relay Contact available at max 24VDC@1A.

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