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Turbine flow meters

Turbine Flow Meters from Premier Control Technologies are for use with water and other compatible liquids which are available in typical line sizes from 1/2" up to 4.

Threaded connections are available in BSP and NPT from ½” to 2”. Flange connections are available from ¾” – 4” ANSI or DN20 – DN100. Other connection types include hose connection and TriClamp.

Manufactured by Trigas, the DM series of turbine flowmeter have been specifically designed for application's requiring high accuracy and sustained repeatability. When paired with either of the Lysis or TriLIN electronics linearity can be to within ± 0,1% of measured reading. The electronics can output both flow and temperature within the process.

Full temperature and viscosity compensation can be provided specific to your application with up to 50 calibration point certificates. Multiple ball bearing options are available.

For the LX range of turbine, every turbine comes with a standard frequency output with the option of an amplified, scaled or 4 – 20 mA output.

Display options include flow rate and totaliser with batch control functionality.

Intrinsically safe pick-ups and displays are available for Atex environments.

Class leading accuracy of +/- 0.5% of reading whilst offering a maximum pressure drop of no more than 0.5 bar at full flow.

Different Turbine Meter Pickoffs

Frequency modulated (RF) or often referred to as modulated carrier pickoffs offer a digital square wave output when used in conjunction with a RF-preamplifier.

RF pickoffs offer no magnetic drag which make them ideal for low flow rate detection, resulting in extended flow range.

Magnetic pickoffs create a sinusoidal output signal, the frequency is identical to the turning speed of the rotor. Magnetic pickoffs are commonly used in demanding environments, such as cryogenics.

Atex rated pickoffs are for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Our ATEX Pickoffs are following the ATEX 95 equipment directive 94/9/EC and come with “Ex” and “CE” markings. They are suitable for the following types of protection: Intrinsic Safety Ex ia & Ex d Flameproof.

SMART Lysis pickoffs offer both a temperature measurement within the pickoff as well as containing the flow meter calibration data. The pickoff is TEDS compatible and is compact in design, specifically designed for use in applications where space is limited.


Turbine flow meters typically come supplied with a calibration certificate. PCT offer many custom calibration services for liquid flow turbines to include high accuracy, extended range or multi viscosity.

DM Series of turbines have a typical linearity or accuracy of ± 0.5% of reading with the standard range, this maybe increased to ± 0.1% of reading when used in conjunction with linearising electronics.

High accuracy calibrations are also available which allow turbines to be offered which have an accuracy of ± 0.03% of reading.

Repeatability is typically ± 0.05% of reading.

Extended range calibrations may also be offered so that the turndown or rangeability of the turbine is up to 120:1.

Viscosity calibrations are available to 5000 mm²/s, the electronics can allow for multiple viscosity calibrations. When a multi-viscosity calibration is used in conjunction with a temperature compensated pickoff the liquid turbine can maintain high accuracy across wide temperature ranges with various oils and coolants.

Advantages of a liquid flow turbine include:

  • Low pressure drop
  • Highly accurate
  • Excellent response times, < 3 milliseconds (ms)
  • Compact design

How does a Turbine Flow Meter work?

Head over to our applications section of our website to read in detail how a turbine flow meter works.

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