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LX Flow Turbine

LX Flow Turbine with Flanged Connection LX Flow Turbine with Hygenic Tri-Clamp connection LX Flow Turbine with threaded connection in BSPP or NPT LX Flow Turbine with flanged connection available with ANSI or DIN LX Flow Turbine Cut Away showing Internal Components LXB Flow Turbine for bi-directional flow applications

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  • Flow turbine for liquids
  • Available from ½” to 4” line sizes
  • Multiple display and output options
  • Suitable for Intrinsically Safe Applications

The LX range of turbine flow meters meet the demand of most liquid measurement applications. These British manufactured meters are designed with performance in mind. They are built from Stainless steel and offer a choice threaded or flanged connections, they are designed to last.

The LX series consist of three component assemblies, fitted inside a stainless steel body which has a magnetic pickup fitted (variable reluctance sensor). LX Series flow turbines come with a choice of threaded, flanged or hygienic tri-clamp process connections.

LX series of turbine flow meter are available from ½” connections up to 4” connections, flow ranges start from as little as 2 Litres per Minute and continue up to 4500 LPM.

Threaded connections are available in either BSPP male or NPT male whilst hygienic tri-clamp connections are offered in ¾”, 1”, 1 ½” or 2” connections. Flanged connections are available in ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3” or 4” sizes with a choice of either ANSI #150, ANSI #300, DIN PN 16 or DIN PN 40.

Every meter as standard comes with a magnetic pickup with options available for Intrinsically Safe applications to ATEX Ex ia IIC T6 to T3.

Class leading accuracy of + / - 0.5 % of reading over Flow Range with a less than 0.5 Bar pressure drop at maximum flow for all models.


  • Process
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Water reclamation
  • Offshore applications

Other features

Available display options include:

  • Totaliser / Flowrate indicator with pulse output and 4 – 20 mA output
  • Batch Controller
  • Totaliser / Flowrate Indicator with high and low Alarms
  • Bi Directional Flow Indication (Lxb Model only)
  • All available as Intrinsically safe version to ATEX Ex ia IIC T4

Three output options including:

  • Amplified output
  • Scaled output
  • 4 – 20 mA output

Model numbers

  • Lx13-T1-S-101a
  • LX13-T1-S-4/20
  • Lx16-T1-I-101ai
  • Lx16-T1-S-101a
  • LX16-T1-S-4/20
  • Lx16-T2-I-101ai
  • LX19-F3-S-101a
  • Lx19-T1-S-101a
  • LX19-T1-S-4/20
  • LX25-F1-I-101A
  • LX25-F1-S-101a
  • LX25-F2-S-101a
  • LX25-H1-S-101a
  • Lx25-T1-S-AMP
  • Lx25-T2-I-101ai
  • Lx40-T1-4-20
  • Lx40-T1-I-101a
  • LX40-T1-S-101a
  • LX40-T1-S-4/20
  • Lx40-T1-S-AMP
  • LX50-F1-I-101A
  • LX50-T1-I-101ai
  • LX50-T1-S-101a
  • LX80-F1-S-101a