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Offering a range of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

PCT offer a range of three different kinds of ultrasonic flow meters which include a clamp on model, in-line ultrasonic or a portable ultrasonic flow meter. The fact that we give you a choice of which kind of ultrasonic flow meter you want to purchase, means that we can provide for a wider range of customers, and give existing ones a fresh list of products if they are looking to replace their flow meter or purchase a new one.

Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meters by Sonic Pro

Even within these different types of ultrasonic flow meters, we offer multiple models in order to let your choice not just stop at the kind of ultrasonic meter you desire. For example, if you are looking for a clamp on ultrasonic flow meter then you can choose from the Sonic Pro range that offers three different versions of this product, which all offer a different level of display, which are no display, display and programmable display. The Sonic Pro – Sonic Pro S3 models are available as a clamp on model whereas the Sonic Pro S4 model is available as an in line model which is available with a threaded and flanged connection.

If you need something a little different that meets your needs for water flow, then a Barksdale Series UQS7 could be for you. Whereas the Sonic Pro models are clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, this kind is an electronic flow switch, which is fully compatible with an ultrasonic senor and a digital display for added usability.

Contacting flow or energy measurement needs

For something smaller but arguably useful in more situations, then you could take a look at our DeltaWave C Portable Ultra Sonic Energy Meter. If you have any contacting flow or energy measurement needs, then this device comes fully equipped to cope with these. It can also be used from pipe sizes from 1cm – 6m! This shows that just because it may be smaller than other models, it doesn’t mean that it can’t do the same job!