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Dynasonics DXN Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Measures flow rates between 0.3 and 12m/s
  • Accuracy of just ±1% of reading
  • Three different measurement techniques for optimum accuracy

The DXN portable ultrasonic flow meter can provide accurate flow measurements thanks to the variety of data it can gather. It can be easily installed onto a system as the clamp on design means that processes do not have to be drained or stopped.

Switchable technologies depending on conditions

It can choose the best technique from the operating conditions as it can switch between both 'Doppler' or 'Transit time' technologies whilst also able to measure the liquid thermal (heat energy) flow within a flow system.

Flow rates and Temperature ranges

Flow rates can be measured between 0.3 and 12m/s. An externally powered meter can operate in temperatures between –30 and 60°C. A battery powered unit can only operate between –20 and 40°C.

Accuracy and Repeatability

Accuracy of ±1% and a repeatability of ±0.2% provides consistent reliable measurements.


The easy-to-use touchscreen allows for simple operation and comes with full colour graphing, USB connectivity, wizard-based start-up configuration and Modbus TCP/IP configuration.

Data sheets and manuals


The Dynasonics DXN Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter is widely used in the following industries:

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