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Flomax 242i Single Use Ultrasonic Flowmeter

  • PELD constructed single use flow meter
  • USP Class VI, FDA approved. BSE/TSE free

The Flowmax 242i single use ultrasonic flow meter from MIB GmbH Messtechnik & Industrieberatung is now in its third generation of development.

The ultrasonic technology used makes it ideal for measuring both conductive and non-conductive fluids whilst also remaining a non-contact flow meter. The measuring technology means that there are no moving parts so is free from wear with the design of the pipe minimising dead space.


Wetted materials are all made from PELD (Polyethylen Low-Density) which meets USP class VI approvals as well as being FDA approved and BSE/TSE free. Additionally the meter is resistant to gamma irradiation and is suitable for single use applications.


Flomax 242i is ideal to measure all kinds of liquids including demineralized water, bio-processing liquids, cosmetics, liquid food as well as aggressive media.


The ultrasonic technology allows for a very fast response time, typical output flow rates are from a few milliseconds. The electronics also feature empty pipe detection as well as the amount of bubbles contained within the liquid.
In total four outputs are available from the electronics which include flow, bubble, temperature and liquid property correlation. All providing vital information on your process fluid.

Flomax 242i is split into two parts, the measuring pipe (Flowmax 242iM) and the electronics (Flowmax 242iE):

  1. Flowmax 242iM is currently available in three pipe diameters sizes, DN3, DN5 and DN7 each with a pressure rating of 5 bar and temperature rating of 0° … 50°C.
    The D25 clamp process connection is to DIN 32676 : 2009-05 Series A DN8 (all nominal sizes).
    Dependant on tube size the continuous flow rate is from 0.012 LPM up to 6 LPM.
  2. Flomax 242iE electronics connect to the measuring pipe with a 2M cable, being powered by a 18 – 30 VDC power supply.
    The electronics feature a digital input which may be configured to start dosing or counter reset.
    2 digital outputs are also configurable on the electronics and maybe set to a pulse output or empty pipe alarm. Additionally a current output configurable to either 0/4-20mA.
    RS-485 digital comms are also available.
    242iE electronics have a typical error of measurement ±2%o.r. ±0.15% f.s. (o.r. = of reading, f.s. = full scale) with an option of ±1%o.r. ±0.15% f.s., (Under reference conditions (VDI/VDE 2642).
    Repeatability is ≤ 0.5%.

Each Flowmax 242iM measuring tube has the calibration data stored onto it. When it is connected to the 242iE electronics the calibration data is sent to the electronics. This ensures that the electronics is always working with the correct sensor calibration data and ensures accuracy when a new measuring tube is installed.

Flowmax 242i is suitable for operation with piston diaphragm and peristaltic pumps resulting in even lower flow rates measured for pulsating flow.

Turndown ratios are typically 80:1.

A optional display is available on the electronics.


The Flomax 242i Single Use Ultrasonic Flowmeter is widely used in the following industries:

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