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Lake Bi Directional Variable Area Flow Meter for Liquids and Gases

Lake Bi Directional Variable Area Flow Meter for Liquids and Gases

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  • Bi Directional Flow Meter
  • Meter monitors flow regardless of direction
  • Suitable for Liquids and Gasses
  • Maximum flows of 380 lpm
  • Purely flow activated no power required

The patented bi-directional flow monitor is a true bidirectional variable area flow meter.

The mid-scale zero point offers clear and insightful readings whilst still delivering class leading performance for accuracy and repeatability.

Equally at home on low or high pressure systems the bi-directional flow meter delivers 2.5% full scale accuracy.

Meter sizes start at ¼” and are complimented by further porting options covering , 3/8”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”., 1 ½” and 2” sizes with BSP, NPT and SAE female threaded bodies.

Additional options include bespoke scales and NIST calibration certification if required.

Flow ranges are available from 1.5 to 1300 SCFM (1-610 LPS) for gas applications and 0.2 Litres per Minute for the smallest meters to 560 LPM for the largest meters.

O-Ring options include Buna-N® EPR, FKM or FFKM.

Model numbers

  • B5A-6HW-75I
  • B4S-7WU-25-BI
  • B5S-7HN-88-RF
  • B4S-7WU-25-BI
  • B4S-7HU-40-RF
  • B4B-6WV-25-BI
  • B4B-6WU-25-BI
  • B4A-6WV-25-BI
  • B3A-6HT-15-BI
  • B3A-6HR-05-RF