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Lake Clear View Variable Area Flow Meter for Liquids

Lake Clear View Variable Area Flow Meter for Liquids Lake Clear View Variable Area Flow Meter for Liquids

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  • Direct reading
  • Unrestricted mounting
  • Visual verification of reading and fluid condition
  • Polysulphone or Polycarbonate bodies and threads
  • Choice of threaded material options

Clearview enables visual verification of reading and fluid condition

The Clearview variable area water flowmeters are available in two body materials enabling this versatile flowmeter to be used on multiple fluids including water and hydraulic oils.

Like the Lake Basic flowmeter range these meters have unrestricted mounting.

Each variable area meter has a 10:1 turndown ratio and a maximum operating pressure of 22.4 bar (325 PSIG).

Flows covered (depending on model) are between a range of 5 and 110 Litres per Minute (LPM).

The Lake Monitors variable area flow meter has 3 thread sizes are available ½”, ¾” and 1” with the choice of BSP or NPT connections.

These flow meters have a measuring accuracy of ±5% of full scale with ±1% repeatability, an ideal accuracy for a low cost flow meter.

The flexible nature and low cost base of this quality meter make is a positive selection choice to monitor pressure water flows, observe case drain, return line flows and verify pump outputs.

Temperature ratings are available up to 121 °c with all meters featuring Buna-N® O-rings.


  • Monitor pressure water flows
  • Observe case drain
  • Return line flows
  • Verify pump outputs

Model numbers

  • CV-C05-W3N
  • CV-C05-W4B
  • CV-C05-W5B
  • CV-C10-W3B
  • CV-C10-W3R
  • CV-C10-W5R
  • CV-C15-4WR
  • CV-C15-W3B
  • CV-C30-W4R
  • CV-C30-W5B
  • CV-P05-W4B
  • CV-P10-H3B
  • CV-P15-W5N
  • CV-P30-H5B